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  • An Opportunity to “Engage”

    An Opportunity to “Engage”

    The conference season is starting again and I am off to BMC Engage next week. It will be interesting to see and hear what is new at this giant of IT. I am lucky to be invited to events from industry-leading technology companies and this is one event that I would be crazy to pass
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  • Revitalizing the conference experience

    Revitalizing the conference experience

    Scandinavia is the birthplace of many an innovation and design masterpiece. When it comes to delivering an exciting new conference experience the story stays the same, Scandinavia, and more particularly Norway in the first week of March this year, is the place to be. Pioneered by Christian Nissen of CFN People, based in Denmark, the
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  • No Tricks, Just ITSM Treats

    No Tricks, Just ITSM Treats

    I think the ITSM “Voodoo Queen” used her power for good this year! As a result, we are all very excited to be recording FUSION 15 podcast episodes next week in her hometown, New Orleans. We have some amazing guests lined up and, as always, I am sure we will have a few surprises. This
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  • Ivanti – a new name in IT Service Management

    Ivanti – a new name in IT Service Management

    The IT Service Management Tools landscape has changed with the acquisition of LANDESK by Clearlake Capital group and its amalgamation with HEAT Software. With the finalization of the transaction, the market heard today that the two brands have now united under a new corporate: Ivanti. The new entity has more than 1,600 employees in 23
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  • Days of Future Missed

    Days of Future Missed

    It’s been a few years since I had any business cards, after technology (and other) problems when I last tried to get them. I discovered that – in our brave new digital world – business cards can be useful but are not essential. One of the reasons I have survived without the previously essential calling
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  • Do Your Policies Enable or Inhibit Your Customers?

    Do Your Policies Enable or Inhibit Your Customers?

    How hard do you make it for your customers to do their jobs? What levels of bureaucracy have you implemented in the name of security or audit? Do you use best practice or  service management to justify bad IT management? Enabling your Business Partners This is your chance to look at how you enable your
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  • Charles Araujo #TFT12 – The Quantum Age of IT

    Charles Araujo #TFT12 – The Quantum Age of IT

    Charles Araujo warned the TFT12 audience that ‘Everything You Know About IT is About to Change’. Forces are at work that are reshaping the very fabric of the IT organization. Driven by our own history, changing perceptions of how technology should work and new, but very real competition, IT organizations are struggling to evolve –
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  • Containerization 101

    Containerization 101

    Containers and Their Benefits   At the 2016 Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Show in Las Vegas, IT Chronicles’ Kirstie Magowan and Charlie Betz spoke with Mark Thiele from Apcera. They discussed enterprise-grade container management and how it can help companies to modernize legacy apps as well as managing containers in the Cloud
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