Simone Moore

Simone Jo Moore is a freelance Service Management Professional living in France. Enjoying the repartee that leads to evolution and revolution to jumpstart people’s thinking, behaviour and actions at any level, Simone’s focus is on People Connected, Knowledge Shared, Possibilities Discovered and Potential Realised. With an approach that engages you in a depth of knowledge, collaboration and sense of humour that is thought provoking, interesting and relevant, Simone probes the hearts and minds of what makes business and IT tick. Consulting, training, presenting and writing on various frameworks and methods like ITIL, DevOps, KCS, SFIA and others, Simone is affiliated with AllThingsITSM, ITPreneurs, ThinkHDI, SSI, ITSMZone, BSMImpact, GamingWorks and HDAA. Actively engaged across multiple Social Media Channels, you’ll find her sharing 20+ years of experience in strategic and operational business design, development and transformation.

Latest from Simone Moore

  • ITIL® Practitioner workshop benefits

    ITIL® Practitioner workshop benefits

    The key with ITIL Practitioner is developing an improved and/or new enabled capability in yourself and for the future of ITSM. At the end of September 2016, itSMF Sweden put on a workshop event in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The intent being to raise awareness and understanding about ITIL Practitioner but it turned into so much more.
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  • Context is King – Understanding KCS

    Context is King – Understanding KCS

    What knowledge is real? How do you know that what you know is real? How do you know that what you hear or read is fact?  It is only through applying and experiencing the knowledge do we ascertain its veracity and accept its viability. Knowledge is inherent in many ways and in organizations, it springs
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  • Changing Conversations – the importance of communication

    Changing Conversations – the importance of communication

    An organization is a complex being with unique thought patterns that impact on every decision made and every action taken. The body cannot follow where the mind won’t go. If you want to change your business, you need to change the conversations happening within it. Communication is a dynamic place. People aren’t difficult…just different! Which also
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