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3 Pillars for Awesome Customer Service

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Our connected world has changed the game

Providing an awesome customer service has become more difficult to accomplish nowadays because the game has completely changed. It is no longer an option to respond to your customers’ questions or complaints after 24 or more hours because they expect instant responses. You need to be available 24/7 so that you can effectively satisfy their needs. This is due to the fact that the world has become extremely connected with the ever-increasing use of mobile devices and social media. Therefore, if you still haven’t jumped on that bandwagon, it is the perfect time to do so.

If you fail to give your customers exactly what they want, you risk losing quite a few of them, not to mention a lot of your revenue. Therefore, you need to get in the game as soon as possible and adapt to the new rules. You need to implement some changes to your old system so that you are able to satisfy your customers, meet their expectations and stay ahead of your competition.

Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

There are a number of ways you can improve your customer service but there is one thing that can significantly help you. You need to start looking at your customer service as your hub of opportunities, instead of perceiving it as something that is only wasting your time and money. Your customer service is not a cost center, as many business owners tend to think. It can show you how to improve your customer service and start playing with the big guns.

Look at it this way: customer satisfaction is something you want to achieve, right? Therefore, start thinking about whether or not your customers are actually satisfied with the service you provide them with. When you know if you have met their needs or not, you will be better positioned to implement the required changes.

Offering the option of customer service ratings after every interaction you have with your customers will help you receive useful feedback. You will know what works, what doesn’t work and what people actually expect from you and your company. The feedback you receive will significantly help you improve your customer service, so that you can turn it into one of your biggest strengths. This will help you inspire customer loyalty and build a strong brand that will stand out from the competition.

What Are the key Pillars of Awesome Customer Service?

The following three pillars of outstanding customer service will greatly help you level the playing field and differentiate your brand in today’s connected world. So, make sure you are truly committed to them.

  1. Show that You Truly Care for Your Customers

Telling your customers that you care about them and serious about satisfying their needs is not nearly enough to get them to trust you and engage in your brand. You need to show your customers that you truly care about them, which means that you need to put them first. Spend time to think about what they would absolutely love to get from you, apart from your products or services. What is it that you could do to amaze them and make them think that you are awesome?

For instance, you could provide them with some free service or send them free samples of your latest products that they are not expecting at all. Showering them with random kindness will result in great impressions about your brand and make them believe that you seriously care about them. You need to reach out to them proactively so that you can learn more about what they need and find ways to always meet their demands.

  1. Making Customer Service a Company-Wide Philosophy

Although you have a department dedicated to customer service, you should try and make your entire company focus on providing customers with excellent support. Of course, your every employee has their own daily tasks to deal with, but you can show them how to effectively complete their tasks by focusing on the needs of your customers.

When your entire company is dedicated to satisfy  your current and potential customers and they know exactly how to accomplish that, there will be no problem in routing the calls to the most appropriate person who can help. Perhaps there are employees who are experts in social media or email marketing and are not part of your customer service department, so you can encourage them to help those customers who prefer email or social media as compared to phone calls. That way, everyone in your company will be motivated to deliver top-class customer service and this effort will surely be recognized by the clients as well.

  1. Investing in Various Web-Based Tools

You need to have various web-based tools at your disposal so that you can efficiently and effectively handle all the customer interactions. There are many such tools that can help you streamline every operation and create a seamless workflow within your company. You should invest in intuitive and user-friendly tools with which you can create a centralized knowledge base where you can store content, important company documents and also the customer responses.

You can significantly improve your customer service by investing in online knowledgebase software. There are quite a few to choose from, but you need to make sure you find the right one for your needs. Amongst the many available in the market, ProProfs Knowledgebase Software is the favored choice of many. It is used by a mix of large and smaller businesses and companies vouch for it because the tool helped them achieve customer service requirements without fail.


These three pillars for great customer service are definitely the key that you need to have in your hands if you want to give your customers exactly what they want. Make sure you dedicate your entire company to them, as it will help you stand out from your competition and build a strong brand image.






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Sameer Bhatia

Sameer Bhatia is founder & CEO of ProProfs, a leading provider of online learning tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge. ProProfs Knowledge Base Software is used to create highly-searchable online FAQ’s to improve customer service and reduce tickets. It helps centralize access to organizational files, documents and how-to articles ensuring they can be accessed across multiple devices and platforms. Sameer founded ProProfs based on the vision that knowledge should be freely available to people from all walks of life. The site hosts 1,000,000+ pieces of content in 90+ languages, and is a leading platform for online training and assessment with the world’s largest library of professional tests & quizzes. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC) and is an ed-tech industry veteran.