5 Great Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Solutions Compared

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HR departments juggle many duties and handle huge amounts of information pertaining to employees. As such, one of the best tools available to HR for storing, tracking and organizing this information is a comprehensive human resource information system – a HRIS.

A HRIS is a powerful software program that enables HR professionals to effectively manage the vast amount of employee data an organization has to deal with on a daily basis. These systems are utilized to facilitate work flows, improve efficiency, and collect and store data. The type of data stored on a HRIS includes personal details – such as name, address, sex, minority status, citizenship, education, past professional experiences, etc. – as well as things like compensation plans and histories, performance reviews and labor resource data.

A good human resource information system will assist in streamlining HR activities from hiring through to performance assessments. They help HR managers locate, retain and promote deserving candidates, and will often provide additional features such as payroll, time and labor management, benefits management, performance management, and components that support recruitment and retention. Some come with advanced features, like an employee interface, smart reporting, mobile access, fingerprint ID, and more besides.

If you’re looking for a powerful HRIS for your company – either to implement one for the first time or are considering switching vendors – then keep reading. We’ve put together a list of five great human resource information systems to add to your shortlist.

  1. BambooHR

Undoubtedly one of the top applications in the HRIS category, BambooHR provides an online HR software system specifically designed for small- and medium-sized companies.

BambooHR’s HRIS solution comes with powerful employee database software. Tracking employee records – from contact information to social security numbers to healthcare data – is made easy and intuitive from one secure HRIS database. It’s also accessible from anywhere and at any time, meaning HR professionals will always have the information they need right at their fingertips.

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Other key features of the human resource information system include an applicant tracking system (ATS), time-off tracking, HR reporting, employee self-onboarding, custom workflows, with add-ons such as performance management software also available.

BambooHR collects and stores all employee information in a single place, making it simple for users to quickly find the data they need, and then evaluate and take action on it instantly. Highly-adaptable and with high-quality features and functionality, BambooHR is an easy-to-use HRIS, offering deep visibility into employee data. Comes with a free trial.

  1. Sage

Designed mainly for medium-large enterprises, Sage provides an extensive suite of HR tools enabling the full optimization of employee lifecycles – from recruitment to performance management, talent management and employee development.

The human resource information system comes complete with sophisticated reporting and analytics tools that help HR professionals evaluate employees, determine performance issues, identify personnel that require development and training, and discover those who are ripe for promotion. The analytics functionality in particular is extremely useful in mining employee information stored on the database for high-value insights needed for making data-driven decisions.

Other features include a people management function, allowing organizations to manage and engage employees with a single, secure system of record for every member of the workforce. The function allows HR professionals to capture and maintain personal details, skills and interests, and provides employee access so workers can view and manage their information across any device at any time. Attendance and leave management, payroll, compensation and benefits features are also included.

  1. Ascentis

Ascentis specializes in powerful yet easy-to-use HRIS software for US-based businesses up to 2,500 employees across every industry. Providing deep analytics, the Ascentis HRIS solution offers a full suite of services, including applicant tracking and onboarding, benefits management, compliance management, talent management, benchmarking, payroll, attendance and leave management.

Other nifty features include an Affordable Care Act (ACA) dashboard to help HR professionals navigate the regulation’s compliancy requirements. In addition, Ascentis’ powerful reporting functionality lets businesses stay ahead of organizational trends and make data-driven decisions.

Ascentis also offers ongoing user support, and provides organizations with a dedicated account manager who will get to know the business and stay consistently engaged as the platform is used. The company also offers complete flexibility, so organizations can use some or all of the solutions offered depending on what they need.

  1. SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a leading cloud-based human resource information system and comes with a full suite of talent management solutions, core HR, and workforce analytics to help improve productivity, and engage, retain and even motivate employees.

Featuring onboarding, recruiting tools, an applicant tracking platform, succession planning and a learning management system (LMS), SAP SuccessFactors is used by businesses of all sizes from all industries. The HRIS includes a database for detailed personnel files, an organization chart, goal setting, and performance management – an area in which SAP SuccessFactors is particularly strong.

The performance management review process divides reviews into two parts – Goals, which managers and employees use to create work targets, and Performance, which comprises the actual review process that rates how well employees did at achieving those goals. All performance metrics are automatically logged in the HRIS’s database, giving clear insight into the workforce – who requires development and training, and who may be considered for promotion.

Mobile access is also offered via both Android and iPhone apps, and is one of the best HRIS tools for HR professionals looking to train and cultivate the skills within the workforce.

  1. Cezanne HR

Designed for small- to mid-sized businesses that operate in multiple countries, Cezanne HR is a powerful human resource information system for those seeking to manage their HR processes globally. Consisting of a core People module that includes personnel files, recordkeeping, HR portals, notifications and reports out of the box, additional fee-based functions are available for time-off, scheduling, time-keeping, online recruiting and performance management.

Cezanne HR’s main dashboard displays different information depending on who’s logging on. HR administrators and managers can see time-off requests, performance reviews, and other functions they are authorized to perform, and access the employee directory and workforce analytics for powerful reporting. Employees, on the other hand, can only see functions that pertain to them, including their personnel file, calendar and reminders.

The HRIS system also includes a Task function that shows the user a list of outstanding actions that need immediate attention – like signing a time-off request, for example. It also includes a Calendar that displays things like public holidays, employees’ work anniversaries, and other important dates.

All in all, Cezanne HR is a robust HRIS, particularly well-suited for midsized companies operating globally, and comes with a free trial.

Final Thoughts

The main benefit of human resource information systems is that they act as HR’s central hub for organizing employee data – profiles, schedules, attendance records and much more besides. A good HRIS can be the HR professional’s best friend, but it’s important to do your research and choose the right tool to support your organization’s specific needs. The solutions listed here are all robust and reputed, and come with all the key features a business needs to streamline its HR function.

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